3 NDs

Mini milkers

Obviously, these are does and need to be in milk, or pregnant. Most breeders will have does that are suitable for milking, and especially Nigerian Dwarf and Nuwby breeders, but all does can be milked. When looking for mini-milkers be sure to ask your breeders if these does have been milked before, how much milk you could expect each day, what special care or food will they need. You want to make sure the doe has suitable teats and udder for milking, as well as stand to be milked.

A great option to get a mini-milker is with a kid at foot. This way the doe will be happy to have her baby and it will keep her in milk. You could then milk once a day, or even less frequently to enjoy the benefits of goats milk. Consider your options for breeding the doe again the following year if that is your plan – semen straws or maybe a buck service from a local breeder will work for you.

You will need a place to milk your goat and the seller can help explain best options to you – as long as they can be secured and have food in front of her, most does will stand to be milked and it’s pretty quick too.