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Miniature Goat Buyer Checklist


  • You have your PIC number.
  • Ideally, you have all correspondence in relation to the purchase in writing.
  • Breeder has answered all your queries and you have a current photo of the animal/s. Breeder has answered all your queries and you have a current photo of the animal/s.
  • You understand the grade/potential grade for AM/Nuwby, and the % genetics for ND or Pygmy. Check the animal is myotonic CLEAR.
  • You have the current height of the animal/s if over 6 months old.
  • Animal/s are registered with the MGBA and you have sighted a copy of their rego papers or premium breed.
  • You have received a copy of the animal/s DNA certificate if Pygmy or ND breeding stock.
  • You have an agreed price in writing with the seller, as well as any additional T&C which may cover breeding stock.
  • You have received an invoice or payment details.
  • If you are paying a deposit, confirm if this is refundable or non-refundable up front.
  • You have agreed to a pick-up or delivery day, and how and when the balance will be paid.
  • You are satisfied with the animal’s health and temperament.
  • Discuss feed with the seller and ensure you have suitable food and feeding/water bowls ready for your new arrivals.
  • Ensure everything else is ready at your end.
  • Discuss how you will be transporting the goats with the seller to ensure suitable.


  • The animal/s are what you have seen in the photos and rego papers.
  • The animal/s look healthy and not scouring.
  • The animal/s are the expected height.
  • The breeder has a completed WAYBILL or TSS filled out for movement of the animals to your property.
  • If discussed, a copy of the national goat health statement or any other agreed health documents.
  • The animal/s has an ear tag as per state requirement of movement and the ear tag matches their registration paper.
  • You receive a completed service certificate for any pregnant does. You receive a copy of the sire’s DNA certificate for proving any progeny from the mating if Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf.
  • Double check all food requirements.
  • Obtain details of last drenching, vaccination, kidding and any other procedures or treatments.
  • If you have not owned goats before, it is a great chance to get a first-hand lesson in some basic husbandry – ask the breeder to show you how to trim feet, how to take a goats temperature and what it should be, how to check for worm burden using FAMACHA score, how to prepare and feed any bottle babies, and any other things you are not sure about.
  • Get a receipt for any monies paid in cash.
  • Ensure you have contact details for the seller so you can contact them with any queries or concerns.

    IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID IN FULL AND YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE ANIMAL/S PRESENTED TO YOU ON THE DAY, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GO THROUGH WITH THE SALE. You can ask the breeder for your deposit back if the animal is not as described in your correspondence.


Enjoy your new goats and allow for some time for them to settle in. Follow the breeders advice in terms of food and care. If you have any concerns, contact the breeder ASAP (preferably in writing so you have a record of contact). If you have any urgent health concerns, do not hesitate to call the vet right away.

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