The MGBA Membership

The MGBA is all about perfecting, promoting and recording the four main miniature goat breeds in Australia. We are a member based Association, run by a team of dedicated volunteers from across the country. We work hard to maintain our high standards, not only of breeders and animals, but importantly of our MGBA Registry. Our members support the club by participating, by following our code of ethics, and importantly, registering and maintaining animal records.

Joining as a member welcomes you into a friendly and supportive environment of long-time breeders and pet owners. A great community where you can learn about owning and breeding goats, animal husbandry, and showing.

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Supplements – Kelp

There is a diversity of opinions on Kelp as a livestock supplement. Some breeders swear by it and others will warn you away from it. …

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Things you need to know before buying a goat

You have probably heard that goats are good lawn mowers and well eat anything and everything including all your all your weeds. This is simply not accurate. Yes they will eat a bit of

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Product Information – Livamol® with BioWorma

Livamol® with BioWorma® contain the spores of Duddingtonia flagrans, a naturally occurring fungus found in soil and pasture. Duddingtonia flagrans is a

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