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How to become an MGBA breeder

There’s a lot to learn when taking on the all the responsibilities of becoming a breeder.  Responsibility for the animals, responsibility to your buyer, responsibility to register and maintain the records for your animals, advertise them correctly, and of course legal and DPI responsibilities.

These are the basic steps you need to take to become a registered breeder with us, but that is only the beginning, read on for our new breeder information and checklists, participate in our social media members group, connect with other breeders in your area, attend some shows (even if just to watch), hook up with a mentor you can call on for help and advice.

MGBA Breeder requirements

To be a MGBA registered breeder you are required to:

1. Hold an ordinary membership with the MGBA.
2. Contact your local Department of Primary Industries and obtain a PIC number for your property.
3. Obtain a stud prefix (you need your PIC for the application).

1. hold an ordinary membership with the mgba

2. GET A PIC NUMBER (Property Identification Code)

A number attached to your property address that is allocated by your local Department of Primary Industry (DPI) and is needed if you are going to keep more than a few livestock on your property. This number stays with your property when you sell. Your property may already have one allocated. This is a State requirement in place by the Livestock Industry and is used to identify your property for keeping and movement of livestock. Fines may apply by your state if you do not comply. Your PIC as a breeder is used on all documentation and identification for your animals including waybills and ear tags.

How to get one? Contact your local Department of Primary Industry to see if you property has one allocated or to set one up.

3. OBTAIN A STUD PREFIX (You need a PIC for your application)

Your Stud Prefix (Name of Stud) is for your exclusive use. It will precede the names of the animals you register. When applying for a stud prefix, you are required to submit two (2) different names in order of preference – we will make every effort to allocate you with your first choice unless that name has already been registered or is deemed unsuitable. Once a Stud name has been registered your Prefix is exclusive and is not for unauthorised use for new animal registrations by other Members.


To be eligible to obtain a Stud Prefixes an ordinary membership (full membership) is required.  This can be done at the same time as you apply for membership or you may apply at a later date if you decide you would like to breed.


Fees apply to register a Stud Prefix (see fee schedule).


Stud registration may only be used when ordinary membership is held. There is one-off $30 fee to apply for a Stud Prefix.

Once approved your stud prefix is yours to use and advertise whilst you are a financial breeder member of the MGBA. You are now able to register goats.

Familiarise yourself with your State Waybills and National Vendor Declarations – documents from the Department of Primary Industry required for travelling all livestock.

It is a legal requirement to send a waybill (movement document) with goats that leave properties. The department of primary Industry does audit properties and as a buyer with a PIC yourself you MUST have your own evidence of movement on and off your property.



Understand and comply with your state requirements. Including but not limited to: 
It is a legal requirement to send a waybill (movement document) with goats that leave properties. The department of primary Industry does audit properties and as a buyer with a PIC yourself you must have your own evidence of movement on and off your property.


All animals must have an ear tag number allocated for MGBA registration and ear tags must be in ears before they leave your property as part of state legislation. PIC number and if desired ear tag numbers will be listed on your property waybill for identification. Pygmy and Dwarf goats may require Micro chipping for registration purposes only. This can done by your vet. This is not part of State legislation.  Some states have ear tag exemption programs for showing – contact your local DPI/LLP to see what applies in your area.

as a breeder you are expected to

  • Register all births within 4 months (including wethers)
  • Transfer all goats sold by you within 1 month of sale
  • Height verify all goats within 3 months of their 3rd Birthday
  • DNA all Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy goats (cross & purebred) for registration and sales (with the exception of non-show wethers)
  • Record and maintain accurate details of animals listed in a miniature goat registry including the provision of transfer / service details for animal(s) upon completion of sale / service.
  • Aspire to advance the interests of the Association at all times and maintain its integrity including following the highest standard of stud management, business practice and fair and proper competition;
  • Use good sound judgment and ethical behaviour and conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner at all times;
  • Comply with the Rules and Regulations relating to the keeping of goats as required by my local and state authority and will allocate each animal with an ear tag with a property identification code (PIC) on one side AND individual consecutive animal number on the other side;
  • Ensure all animals in my care shall be properly housed, handled, adequately fed and watered receive proper medical attention when required and are easily and correctly identifiable;
  • Breed for the purpose of improving the miniature goat breeds and ensure that my surplus animals are adequately homed and/or disposed of;
  • Ensure that all persons acquiring goats from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care, and welfare of the animal/s (including any individual requirements) and advise them to seek veterinary advice with health issues;
  • Provide a signed Service Certificate and/or submit a Buck Return for my stud buck when selling a doe in-kid doe/or that has been housed with a buck/ or after service to an outside animal, after all relevant fees have been paid.
  • All Animals owned by me that I have registered with the MGBA are to have up to date registry information required under breed rules not limited to all height upgrades, adult upgrades, desexing notifications and animal transfers.
  • Ensure all animal registration requirements under my Membership are kept up to date in conjunction with MGBA bylaws.