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Is MGBA for you?
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MGBA Membership Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of this application, “I” will be used concurrently with: we, our, us, and will mean all people associated with me and all listed on this application.

  • Register all births within 4 months (including wethers).
  • Transfer all goats sold by you within 1 month of sale.
  • Height verify all goats within 3 months of their 3rd Birthday.
  • DNA all Nigerian Dwarf & Pygmy animals (cross and purebred) for registration and sales (with the exception on non-show wethers)
  • Provide testing results for myotonic genetics. Only MYOTONIC CLEAR animals are eligible for registration and transfer.
  • Record & maintain accurate details of animals listed in a miniature goat registry including the provision of transfer / service details for animal(s) upon completion of sale.
  • Promote and support the development of miniature goat breeds in Australia.
  • Bring together people interested in miniature goat breeds.
  • Collect, publish and share relevant information.
  • Encourage and maintain high standards of breeding, consistent with adopted height and breed standards.
  • Promote appropriate housing, handling, health, welfare, management and selling of animals.
  • Comply with the Rules and Regulations relating to the keeping of goats as required by local and state authority and Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA).
  • Create a favourable public image of miniature goat breeds and the MGBA.
  • Advance the interests of the MGBA at all times & maintain its integrity including following the highest standard of stud management, business practice & fair & proper competition.
  • Promote the use of good sound judgment, ethical behaviour and professional conduct at all times.
  • Encourage participation in events that promote development of the miniature goat breeds.
  • Maintain a high standard of ethical conduct comprised of honesty, integrity and fair dealing between members, between members and the association and between members and non-members, essential to the success of the association.
  1. I hereby apply to become a Member of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. (MGBA).
  2. I understand and agree that if this application is accepted, I will be bound by the Rules, Regulations and Code of Ethics set by the MGBA and any decisions, actions and amendments of the MGBA and will endeavour to familiarise myself with the same.
  3. I expressly authorise MGBA and those associated with them, to list and disclose my contact details, (name, stud name, phone number, suburb, state, postcode, email, website) to enquirers and to include my contact details in publications, handouts, website and promotional material.
  4. I expressly authorise the use of all my information provided and or collected for administrating functions of the MGBA, handling of complaints and disclosure of all such information including but not limited to; correspondence, proceedings and outcomes recorded in the minutes of the association.
  5. Further, when attending any event I acknowledge that I am responsible for any child and any non-member accompanying me.
  6. I am also aware that events have the potential to be dangerous and I accept that while every effort will be made with regard to safety including my own responsibilities, I will remain responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred or caused by me and I will not hold the MGBA or its representatives responsible for any damage, loss or injury incurred.
  7. Indemnify the MGBA, its members and agents against all actions, claims, proceedings and liabilities and acknowledge that no matter or thing done or omitted by the management committee or duly elected official subjects the management committee, duly elected official or incorporated association to any liability. Each member hereby releases the incorporated association, management committee members and duly elected officials from any such liability.
  8. I understand and accept full responsibility for ensuring my contact details are kept up-to-date and I will not share my membership usernames or passwords.
  9. MGBA believes that everyone has a right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect and is committed to maintaining a safe positive environment (including social media) that promotes responsible, professional, respectful behaviour. MGBA will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, intimidation, bullying or abuse of those, and by those, involved in the association.
  10. In accordance with ‘industry best practice’ MGBA seek to recruit and retain those people committed to maintaining these principles and will reject those who do not uphold the same values.
  11. The MGBA reserve the right to cancel membership should a complaint/breach be substantiated.
  12. Unless provided for otherwise, all intellectual property created, generated, discovered, invented, improved, designed and/or developed by you as a member of MGBA, whether during or outside ordinary working hours, is the exclusive property of MGBA, and you waive any moral rights associated with such works.
  13. You agree to, and do, assign to MGBA all existing or future rights in any intellectual property, and acknowledge that, by virtue of this clause, all such existing rights are vested in MGBA, and all such future rights will vest in MGBA.
  14. You (either during or after your membership ends) must, at the request of MGBA, and at its expense, execute all documents and do all such things as may be necessary to confirm or perfect the right, title, and interest of MGBA in such intellectual property.
  15. You agree that you will not engage in any conduct that may damage MGBA’s intellectual property.
I declare that I have read and agree to the terms of this MGBA Membership Application and declaration. By agreeing and submission of this form it will be binding as a digital signature for my Membership Application. *